Nigerian RnB

Story story! A long long time ago, in the days of my mother and father, that was in the 40’s – 70’s, RnB alongside Pop was the talk of the town, our parents payed great attention to it cause it elevated their souls! hhahaha, well RnB is one of the oldest genres in nigeria, casue then new york hadn’t gotten pregnant for hiohop,so after the long talk in the 21st century nigeria has still been blessed with very creative RnB stars, it shouldn’t be a news for you, cause in this country no artiste sticks to one genre of music, lowest he can take is 3. Asa one of the very few nigerian artistes who had a strong stand on RnB is now based in france, she shut down lagos for a hot show.

Well, Nigerian RnB doesn’t have one you eould call a founding father, but still i know of one artiste that if you are talking of nigerian RnB and you don’t mention hip, then my brother you are sick, am sure you know the person? well it’s no other person than Banky Wellington(Banky w) well Banky isn’t the only star in RnB, thou he dominates this position, the are still others who don’t really sing RnB but at sometime in their carreer they have done some RnB stuffs.

Other NIGERIAN RnB acts

  1. 2 baba(2 face)2baba_2016_carliswagblog
  2. Tiwa savagetiwa_savage_2016_carliswagblog
  3. Flavourflavour_2016_carliswagblog
  4. off course ASA
  5. Dareydarey_2016_carliswagblog
  6. Korede Bellokoredebello_2016_carliswagblog
  7. Sade Adu
  8. Niki Laoyeniki-laoye_2016_carliswagblog
  9. Timi Dakolo
  10. Sinach
  11. Samsong