Nigerian HipHop

HIPHOP! HIPHOP! Only God knows how i love hiphop, well Nigerian hiphop I could be traced down to the late 90’s, where you would have groups such as Maintain, Trybesman and some single peoples like Mono Rasgie.

Deep down in some other parts of this great country, we had some hood niggas, lol still spreading the spirit hiphop, or should i say ‘spreading what the felt was hiphop’ we had people like Tyte Tuck, and Fela’s virus of Afrobeats had eaten deep into nigerian music spirit that till about the early 2000’s people mistaken afrobeats for hiphop.

To further add to this virus, radios and tv stations where giving this ‘afro-hop’ a massive air play.

Nigerian Afro-hop started becoming Nigerian HIPHOP

It wasn’t until 2003 that Ruggedman released his track ‘Ehen’,after this track hiphop had a baptism in nigeria and was born again, and he was so bent on correcting this shit that he kept singing sternly with respect to hiphop in Nigeria


It was as if the people where waiting for ruggedman, after he droped the track, people started appreciating the magic behind hiphop, artistes could work into radio stations and advertise themselves. It was during this stage that Modenine made a great wave in the face of nigerian hiphop after droping his track ‘Elbow Room’ and this devil didn’t just stop there he now ran into his studio and gave nigeria a deput project tittled ‘Malcolm IX’ and he added stuffs like Punchlines, wordplay metaphors and all those stuffs you know what i mean.

Sure you know the main elements of hiphop, well the include dee-jaying, graffiti and breakdance (b-boying). Other of the things he did maintain the hiphop standard worldwide, YEAH!! Thats why he earned the tittle “King of underground hiphop in 9ja”

Yeah and now Nigeria the most powerful country in Africa has just so many HIPHOP STARS including

Nigerian HIPHOP accts

  • Thou Ruggedman is the father of Nigerian hiphop, Modenine is referred to as ‘underground hiphop king’ the is one other person who you can’t call hiphop in nigeria without referring tohim, o yeah its no other person than our nigerian hiphop messiah MI-ABAGA
  • When you talking of nigerian hiphop and you mention MI-ABAGA you definitely would have to mention Ice prince, another controversial nigerian hiphop act, his done this shit with stars like French Montana, mehn Ice a Nigerian hiphop act you should watch out for.
  • woh! did you just call hiphop in nigeria without mentioning Phyno? no way Phyno is one of Nigeria’s major hiphop star.
  • Lil kesh another very good person in nigeria’s hiphop stuffs.
  • look out for Reminisce
  • Yung6ix is another major hiphop act all thanks to Ice’s oleku.
  • jess!! i didnt mention Vector? yeah Vector da viper another guy who as his name sounds is really one who vomits venom, that guy freestyled for 2hours.