Music Promoting


CarliswagBlog free offers(Possible after you pick any of our Premium offers)

• Free posting of 3 Tracks.
• Interview of 1 Artiste,on your r ‘label
• Listing  of Record label in our blogs list of R’labels.

CarliswagBlog Premium offers(fixed price not negotiable)

• Hyping you.
• Writting a review on your track.
• Twitter #tag.
• sharing of Tracks on 15blogs+(your pocket)
• Massive Hype on social platforms.
• posting of Reviews to forums.
+ our free offers.

CarliswagBlog Mega offers(No fixed price)

• Radio play.
• placing your picture on our blogs footer with a link to your Track for 1week, we can boast of 2k+ visitors a day, least amount.
• Pop up of your picture to our ever loyal readers.
• Organizing competitions based on your lyrics and Giveaways.
+Free offers and Premium offers

CarliswagBlog Diamond Platinum Offers(no fixed Price)

• Throw Bashes/shows on your behalf where you get to perform(gate fee, 70/30 you and us)
• Organise Free CD’s on the super busy streets of Calabar and 3 other semi-mega cities.
• Interview on TV.
• Continuous Broadcast for 1 month steady.
• Place 3 of your Track as background play on our blog for 1 month, guarantee of over 60k visitors, least.
• Spread Flyers of you around towns.
• after this project, 3 of your tracks would have our premium offer.
+ Mega offers, Premium offers, free offers..

Terms and Conditions apply.. Number one Term.

• No Credit.
• Give us quality music, no matter how attractive the money is, if your song is not worth it, I wouldn’t.

---» Other Terms and Conditions would be discussed personally «----

My one and Only aim is to make Young Artistes blow, I love to help, most especially young artistes, I can’t do what they do, so I respect them….. All I ask of you is give me quality.
I’m very Meek, we can always press things out_•• we don’t Hype only Music, everything on Earth.

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#I’m a Hyping Machine, and I’ll work for you.