So you’ve been hearing about Afrobeats, maybe from your friend, relative, anybody, or you hear it from your radio set or you watch it on your TV screen, and you’ve been asking yourself “What is this Afrobeat self?, is it a drum in africa or the second name of this popular hair style

haha, don’t worry bro, CarliswagBlog is here to give you that sexy answer.

Meaning of AFROBEATS

AFROBEATS is a type of music in the richest continent on earth, am talking of Africa, it’s further split down to be the coming together of TRADITIONAL Ghanian, Nigerian, Jazz, Highlife, and spoken Lyrics added or blended with percussion and vocal styles, it started having a strong root in africa in about 1970.

The creator of this super cool sound is no other person than our one and only Fela kuti

Fela Kuti, this super creative music lord, invented AFROBEATS in the year 1968. Now check out what so many who use it might not know.


he invented afrobeats due to his dislike for american star james brown(late)

It didn’t just end there, he also invented AFROBEATS so as to distinguish himself from James(lol. he really hated that guy, see how hatred can make you creative? my brother I advise you to take hold of someone and hate the person, you might create afroDRE)

Fela used Afrobeats to speak truth, just like somebody in Nigeria is still doing Afrobeat features chants, call-and-response vocals, and complex, interacting rhythms.[1]

Wonderful, this guy formed this hot track in a club called AFRIKAN SHRINE this was outside Nigeria, then when he came back to the country he named his music group to African ’70. You know i can call AFROBEATS nigeria’s best genre, yeaa!! Now see the top artistes doing this crap.

Top AFROBEATS artistes

The one and only, the greatest artiste in nigeria, nigeria’s number one super star. am talking of no other person than


2. Another Devilish demon you must acknowledge when talking of Afrobeats worldwide!! is no other person than

Lanes! Burna Boy flaunts his wealth (photos)

Burna boy is one of the few artiste who still does what Fela kuti created AFROBEATS for, Burna still tells the truth when singing.

3. Speaking of Artistes who tell the truth in this genre 2 FACE, now 2 BABA is one you should always remember

You’ve gotta watch this video

4. Another person who gives you exactly what FELA would have given you is FEMI KUTI.. lol, their names rhymes, Fella kuti and Fela kuti!! yeah! you guess is as good as mine, Femi is Fela’s eldest son>>>> and BURNABOY’S grand father was fella’s Manager.. so thats are top afrobeats makers.. others are



6. we also have another one in the ranks of Femi as LAGBAJAlagbaja

7. King sunny Adeking-sunny-adae-2016_carliswagblog

8. Asaasa_2016_carliswagblog

9. Di’jadija_2016_carliswagblog

10. Olamide

11. AfrikanBoy

12. Dele sosimi

13. Nicenice_2016_carliswagblog

14. Nneka and a host of others